previous riders on the Lincolnshire Wolds
If you've ridden the Lincolnshire Wolds with Bridle Rides, send us your photos and stories and we'll put them up here for you.

Anthea and Alison Rudd - May 2004
Anthea and her daughter, Alison, took a short 2-day break in the Lincolnshire Wolds at the beginning of May. "This turned out to be a really good weekend - everything went very smoothly. The first day was rather windy, but the scenery was excellent and Alison only had to get off a couple of times to open gates. Lincolnshire has some excellent bridleways".
All the pictures show Anthea on her new horse, Tara, who is "a young cob of about 15 hands, but looks a bit like a small Shire. She loved every minute and is brilliant at going into water and over bridges. On the second day at the first ford we came to, she walked in and decided that it was very deep (several tractors had evidently been through before us) - so she leapt up onto the side and walked over the adjoining one-railed bridge; never even hesitated!"

Brian & Sheril Leich - September 2003
Brian and Sheril Leich must be amongst the most unusual Bridle Riders in that they ride a beautiful grey Arab called Zippy - and a mule called Muffin!

Sheril e-mailed us after their ride to say "You might have heard by now that we survived the Lincolnshire Wolds intact. The weather was fantastic. Neville was a very easy going host amd looked after us well - and took quite a shine to Muffin, I think!

On the right is a lovely shot of Brian and Muffin, who I think you'll agree has beautiful spotted markings.
The photo above is a mule's eye view of Sheril and her Arab, Zippy, trailblazing across the Lincolnshire countryside.
Sheril uses a point strap to stop her saddle from slipping forward, which she says inevitably pulls it down rather hard behind Zippy's shoulders and caused pressure bumps to appear on her back. They missed one of their three days riding as a result. Sheril is looking at other saddle options at the moment to sort the problem out for the long term.

Bobbie from Bridle Rides adds "You really do need to make sure that your tack fits well before the start of your ride because you are in the saddle for 5-6 hours per day". She uses a Thorowgood synthetic endurance/GP saddle which was specially made to fit Herbie.