North West Norfolk
The Norfolk network takes in the area between Kings Lynn, Hunstanton and Holkham. It is remote and old fashioned in the nicest possible way - the farms are few and far between and the villages seem untouched by the 21st century. The terrain is undemanding and, although anything over 100 feet is classed as a mountain by the locals, it is gently undulating rather than totally flat. The area around Sedgeford and Holme-next-the-Sea comprises of sandy hills with long views and big skies. It makes a pleasant contrast with the lush, green water meadows in the Nar valley and the Norman castle at Castle Acre in the south of the network.
The Nar valley in the south of the network includes a couple of fords. The photo above shows Bobbie and Herbie fording the River Nar near Castle Acre, and the one on the right is on the edge of the neighbouring village of West Acre.
If you like riding from farm to farm, there are 2 different 2-day rides plus 3, 4 and 5 day place to place rides back-to-start. There's also a one-centre holiday with 3 petal or day rides. You can combine petal and place to place rides in several different ways, and also add in a beach ride. The terrain is gentle, so it's good for mountain-biking - and most hosts have at least 2 stables.

Beach Rides - There are also 2 petal rides to the beach. The first one goes from Sedgeford to Holme-next-the-Sea, and can be added to the 3-day place to place ride itinerary as an extra 4th day. There's also a permissive beach ride from Burnham Thorpe to Holkham which can be added to the 2 and 3-day place to place rides as an extra riding day - or you can box your horse to the beach at Holkham from anywhere on the network.

All these options can be combined in different ways to give up to 8 days riding.

Lots of new bridleways have been created under the Countryside Stewardship scheme. The one runs alongside a road (which is behind the hedge on the right) near Snettisham.
Here are Bobbie and Herbie on the beach at Holme-next-the-Sea.