Previous riders in North West Norfolk
If you've ridden in Norfolk with Bridle Rides, send us your photos and stories and we'll put them up here for you

Lynette Ashworth - September 2005
Lynette, who rides with her daughter, Tracey, sent us a Christmas card enclosing "a few photos of our super trip to Norfolk. You can see that we had a really great time, and the gentle terrain suited our older horses so well!"

The photo on the left is of Tracey on Henri, a chestnut TB. The ears in the foreground belong to Lynette's horse, Notable, an ex-Kings Troop horse. We chose it because it is shows a very typical Norfolk bridleway!

The picture on the right is of Lynette and Notable close to Lord Nelson's birthplace on the outskirts of Burnham Thorpe.

Gillian Pursey - July 2005
Gillian and her daughter, Nicola, opted for a two centre holiday plus an extra third day's beach ride at Holkham. The photo on the left was taken on the beach access road just before they headed out onto the sand!

Gillian commented on her feedback form that "overnight accommodation for Nicola and I at both places was excellent. Very good accommodation for the horses at Harpley, including Bridle Rides designated equipment". (We provide somewhere to store your tack plus non-heating coarse mix and a basic grooming kit at all our overnight stops).

Robert Lassen - Easter 2004
Robert e-mailed to say "I spent Easter with a group of friends at your Harpley venue. An excellent time was had by all, aided by super weather. The host was fabulous and the accommodation excellent for both horses and people. I enclose a photo of my horse Albert, who was also very relaxed!"
Editor's Note : In addition to our one centre holiday in Norfolk, we only have a handful of other hosts that can accommodate more than 3 or 4 horses and riders at the same time. Robert's party of eight was one of the biggest we've ever had - and most of the horses (including Albert) were experienced showjumpers who obviously enjoy turning their hooves to other activities!