Previous riders on the Wansdyke & Ridgeway Downs
If you've ridden the Wansdyke or the Ridgeway Downs with Bridle Rides, send us your photos and stories and we'll put them up here for you.

Sue Lillis - June 2003
Sue Lillis from Surrey rang us in August to tell us she and her friend Theresa had a really good time on their Bridle Ride in the Ridgeway Downs. They thoroughly enjoyed the pub-stops, specially The Greyhound at Letcombe Regis in the Vale of White Horse. The photo on the left shows the horses relaxing in the garden at the back of the pub.

Liz Simpson - 1999
"Yet another very enjoyable holiday! Wonderful riding country, with a total of 3 gates to open in three days riding.

Jacky Buckley and I (sister on our fifth bridle-ride) enjoyed this area immensely. Our hosts were very welcoming and we didn't mind the horizontal snowstorms too much !"

Liz Simpson, Barnetby, Lincs

Bridle Rides adds: Liz and Jackie rode in early April. We try to discourage inexperienced bridle-riders from booking too early in the season because the weather can be wet. Having said that, April 2002 and 2003 proved us wrong because it was dry, warm and sunny!

If you are well prepared and have decent waterproofs, bad weather doesn't necessarily matter that much.

Jacky Buckley on Ferdy (17hh hunter - on his first bridle-ride) near Maddle Farm, Upper Lambourn.
Liz Simpson on Nicky (16.2hh grey IDxTB hunter on her third bridle-ride) on the Ridgeway.
The photo above is of Jacky & Ferdy near Churn Farm, Upton ... and the one below shows them near Starveall Farm, West Ilsley.