the Rutland


The Rutland Rides is such a big network and extends much further north than the Leics/Rutland border. You can do 2 completely separate rides, one in the classic hunting country north of Market Harborough and the other extending north around Melton Mowbray and up into the Vale of Belvoir - or you can combine them if you want to do a longer ride.

The south has a smaller scale landscape dotted with lovely villages of stone and thatch - a bit like the Cotswolds, but with gentler hills and plenty of long canters. This is a mixed farming area with both livestock and arable - and livestock farming does mean gates!

There's a wonderful 4-day ride around the high Leicestershire wolds furter north, around Melton Mowbray and up into the Vale of Belvoir. In addition, there's a brand new one-centre holiday with 2 petal rides near Sewstern, which is easily accessible from the A1 at Colsterworth.

We'd like to develop some shorter place-to-place rides in this area, although we've had a few problems linking bridleways with safe main road crossings. We'll update this page when we've done the riding and let you know!

Up to 9 days' place-to-place riding. There are 2-day and 4-day rides back-to-start in the south of the network plus a different 4 day ride round the Vale of Belvoir. You can combine them to make longer ride of 7 or 8 days. There's also a one centre holiday with 2 petal rides near Sewstern. Most hosts (including the one-centre holiday) have stables, but there are some gaps. Good for mountain biking, although bridleways across arable fields may be a struggle after autumn ploughing.
This photo shows Bobbie from Bridle Rides (far left) checking a route near Stockerston on her Dalesbred gelding, Herbie. She is riding with a locally based friend, Janet on her retired hunter, Buggins.