Previous riders on the Rutland Rides
If you've ridden the Rutland Rides with Bridle Rides, send us your photos and stories and we'll put them up here for you

Sue Rogers & Jane Greatorex - August 2004
"We had a terrific holiday. Wonderful places to stay in. Shame about the mud - Leicestershire's had an awful lot of rain, and I can see now why you don't run holidays in the winter!"

Editor's note : August 2004 was unusually wet - a complete contrast to the previous year's baked ground and record temperatures!

Most horses love bridle riding. You can see how happy and relaxed Sue and Jane's mounts were at the end of their ride.

Katie Grant - June 2003
This was Katie's first ever Bridle Ride with her friend, Tamsin. She sent us lots of detailed feedback on the routes afterwards and summed up her ride by saying "We had a fantastic time. The scenery, peace and hosts were fantastic. I only wish I could turn back time and do it again. It was better that I could ever have expected".
She also said she'd like to see more previous riders' photos and comments on our website and in the brochure, so we've included a selection of the ones she sent us of herself and Murphy, a bay Irish Draught gelding. Tamsin rode Zoe, a coloured cob mare - and, with the exception of the "between the ears" shot top left, she was obviously behind the camera most of the time!
Lots of our customers like to have lunch at one of the pub-stops we recommend. Katie and Tamsin opted for a pack-lunch and said "I could particularly say that all 4 of us enjoyed our picnics. Much better than a pub-stop as both horses enjoyed their free time to graze".