the Yorkshire Wolds

The Yorkshire Wolds is a diamond shaped network with a host at each corner. It extends east from Malton and Stamford Bridge across a large chalk plateau to Driffield, and south to Pocklington.

The northern and eastern half has gentler terrain, with huge skies and plenty of long canters. The south-west is hillier and slightly more wooded, with a greater profusion of the steep sided dry dales for which this area is famous. Because the underlying rock is chalk, which is porous, it is good for horses that don't like water - although you will see plenty of clay-lined dew-ponds, which were built to collect dew and rainwater for livestock (and humans!) to drink.

Although there is some livestock, the Wolds is a predominantly arable area - so there aren't many gates, and the gentler terrain in the east is good for mountain-biking.

We can offer 2-day, 3-day and 4-day place to place rides back to start, and there's a choice of two one-centre holidays which each have 3 petal or day-rides. You can combine place-to-place and petal rides in several different ways to give up to 5 days riding if you fancy a longer break.

Both of the one-centre holidays have at least 2 stables, but the other 2 hosts can only offer grazing. The network is generally good for mountain biking, although there are a few more hills in the south and west.